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Winter Party Festival, a vital fundraiser and unparalleled celebration, would not be a success without the time and energy of hundreds of volunteers. Thank you in advance for your help.

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VOLUNTEER INCENTIVES: Volunteers who sign up and successfully complete two shifts will receive a complimentary admission ticket to the Sunday Beach Party and to Ignite, our Thursday night dance event.

Some shifts will count as two shifts, some may involve heavy lifting and some may provide other admission benefits (see FOOTNOTES 1 - 5 below)

ADDITIONAL SHIFTS NOT LISTED: In addition to the shifts listed, there are additional Finance and Sponsorships positions available at the Welcome Center and at many of the events. If you are interested in finding out more about these positions, please send an email to
VOLUNTEER FOR ONE SHIFT: If you would like to volunteer for only ONE SHIFT, please contact us at

Browse through the volunteer shifts by clicking on the event type headings.

Shift Footnotes:

    • Volunteers who work the full Beach Party event from 12:00PM – 8:30PM, will be given access to the Forever Adventure on Sunday night.
    • Volunteers who work the Beach Party from 11:30PM – 5:00PM will be allowed to stay for the remainder of the Beach Party once their shift is complete.
    • Volunteers who work the Beach Party from 4:00PM – 8:30PM will be allowed access to the Beach Party from 12:00PM – 4:00PM provided they have given credit card information at the Volunteer Check-In. If they do not show up for their shift at 4:00PM, their credit card will be charged $110, the entry fee for the Beach Party.
  1. Volunteers who work the Forever Adventure on Sunday night will be allowed free access to the Beach Party provided they have given credit card information at the Volunteer Check-In. If they do not show up for their Forever Adventure shift, their credit card will be charged $110, the entry fee for the Beach Party.
  2. This shift counts as two shifts.
  3. This shift may involve some heavy lifting and physical labor.
  4. Volunteers who work the Production Office shift on Sunday evening (5:00PM – 10:00PM) will be given access to the Forever Adventure on Sunday night.
Select one to four events below. Please make sure that you do not volunteer for more than one event during the same date and time.    
# Date Event Shift

2018 Volunteer Agreement
Please scroll to read the entire Volunteer Agreement:

As a condition of my status as a volunteer for the National LGBTQ Task Force (Task Force), I hereby agree that I will not divulge, communicate, or in any way make use of any confidential, sensitive or proprietary information belonging to the Task Force that is acquired or becomes known to me as a volunteer, including (but not limited to) information regarding members, donors, vendors, financial data, long- or short-range plans, trade secrets and/or any other data of a confidential or sensitive nature. This includes information relevant to the Winter Party Festival.

I also agree to conduct myself in a professional manner and show respect to all Winter Party Festival staff, volunteers and guests. This professional manner includes (but is not limited to) refraining from drug usage and/or alcohol consumption during assigned shifts or whenever acting in the capacity of a volunteer on behalf of Winter Party Festival.

In order to obtain the complimentary ticket to the Beach Party and to Thursday night’s dance event, Ignite, I agree:

1. To complete ALL assigned shift(s) in their entirety.
2. To wear the official Winter Party Festival volunteer t-shirt provided to me throughout my volunteer shift(s).
3. If you volunteer for the Forever Adventure at the James L. Knight Center (JLKC), which occurs after the Beach Party, an imprint of your credit card will be taken at the volunteer check in tent before entering the Beach Party. If you fail to fulfill your volunteer responsibilities at JLKC, your credit card will be charged $110, the entry fee to the Beach Party.
4. To give at least 48 hours notice if I need to cancel a shift in order to avoid my being marked as a "no-show". I will contact my shift coordinator directly for changes or cancellations.


Volunteer Questions?

  • If you have any questions, please email David Ardelean, Director of Volunteer Relations:
  • If you need to make changes to your volunteer shift once you have been confirmed, please contact your event coordinator directly.